Touch the Earth: Trips through the mountains and desert

למה איתנו?

הטיול מלווה
בצלילי חליל רועים

טיול ג’יפים עם הליכה רגלית

בהדרכת מורה דרך מוסמך

שירות אישי ומדויק ללקוח

Nighttime Jeep Tour of the Dead Sea Desert

We’ll pick you up before sunset for a nighttime desert experience in the land of Sodom.

We’ll also hike a bit by the light of lanterns and the stars, or a full moon.

We’ll learn about the constellations, search for scorpions with a special flashlight, and the brave ones among us will take a dip in a hidden spring!

The herbal tea is on us!

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Desert Jeep Tour

Five minutes from the hotels, you will discover a wondrous and unfamiliar land.

Between soft, white canyons, salt caves, and breathtaking overlooks,

From the peaks of Mount Sodom toward the mountains of Moab and Edom.

Flood Excursions

Have you always dreamed of watching a flood, but were too scared to try? The news warns of the “risk of floods,” but we actually anticipate the chance of a flood!

It’s an incredible experience. Chasing after the first flow of water following a dry year in the desert, or sitting and staring at a gushing, bubbling chocolate-milk colored waterfall. Shutting your eyes and listening as the smooth stones are pushed and start to roll…It’s more powerful than the huge Iguazu Falls.

Tour of the Yatir Region and the Judean Desert

We’ll ascend to a height of 900 meters to the peak of Mount Amasa, above the largest planted forest in the Middle East – Yatir Forest. From there, we can take desert hike or sit down for coffee and tea between the desert valleys.

The trip can range between two hours to a full day – during which we will reach the hidden caves from the days of Bar Kochba in Nahal Hever and even the soaring cliffs above the Dead Sea. We can finish off at one of the fine wineries in the Yatir region, or add in a guided tour of the Talmudic town of Susya, lunch at a café overlooking the wild landscape, and a visit to Herbs of Kedem, which manufactures care products and cosmetics made of desert plants.

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About Us

I feel privileged to do what I love

and to help people encounter the beauty of this wonderful land,

especially the lesser-known parts, combined with my other passions –

the music of the shepherd’s flute,

watching the floods,

and a good cup of tea

next to a spring or cistern

in the heart of the desert.

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